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4.0 / 5.0
  • Funkcje 4.0 / 5.0
  • Łatwość użytku 4.1 / 5.0
  • Cena 4.1 / 5.0
  • Niezawodność i wsparcie 4.0 / 5.0

WiTopia VPN być może nie jest jedną z najpopularniejszych sieci VPN na świecie, ale dzięki 74 serwerom na całym świecie i oferowaniu 2 urządzeń na jedną licencję, warto wziąć tę usługę pod uwagę. WiTopia VPN plasuje się na 4.1 pozycji w rankingu cen, jego ceny zaczynają się od $3.06/miesiąc.

Nov 21, 2018
Opinie użytkowników WiTopia VPN
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Constantly drops on my Mac, even worse on iPad

I have been a Witopia user for at least 4 years. When I chose them they were the best rated and I liked their polices and ethics better than others. However, a persisting problem is that their connection drops, sometimes every few hours. When I first contacted support they blamed the issue on my ISP, saying that they were severing the connection between my Mac and the VPN server and they couldn't do anything about it. And discussions with support over the years have only ended with the company still claiming that a solution was out of their hands. What kind of tech company is this, so non-inventive. Time passes and I can't find a VPN that I can trust. I purchase an iPad 6th gen a month ago, and setup the VPN. Unlike the experience on the Mac, the VPN drops sometimes in as little as three minutes and at other times remains connected for up to 30 minutes before dropping. I contacted Apple support, completed a diagnostic which found that the problem is not with the iOS, which only leaves Witopia as the problem. The least that Witopia could do is develop a notification that alerts the user, telling them that the connect is about to drop. That way the browser(s), could be closed before the true IP address is revealed. My subscription expires soon and I won't be renewing.

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    Excellent - Only One Complaint

    It works well and the customer service is utterly fantastic. But in the last several years, they consistently drop off on weekends in the United States. That's my only complaint. I don't know if other users in other countries have this problem, but I do. The main reason I stay with it is because of their outstanding customer service. I've used Live Chat with them and have always been satisfied. Because I'm an astrologer and am using astrological software that only works with Windows XP, they found me a work around, which I really appreciated. I very much like them.

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      Lyle Winterton
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      Drops off every few hours

      I've used Witopia for 3 years running from Taiwan with excellent results. However, I re-upped this year because I'm moving back to Taiwan in July. And now Witopia drops off every few hours. I've spoken with their 24/7 tech support 4 times. In each case they say..."maybe it's your network", "maybe when you move it will be better". They have yet to suggest anything to improve the situation other than "reset your network settings", which didn't work. In other words, even though my home network does not drop off (at least not with the naked eye), Witopia doesn't have any way to make their connection more robust. I suggested auto-reconnect. They said it was already in place. Well, it's not auto-reconnecting. I'm done talking to their tech support. I'm out of patience with them and they frustrate me to death. If the situation does not improve (and I don't see how it can since this drop-off problem has been going on now for well over a month), I'll be forced to drop Witopia and go with another VPN service. I should have done my homework before I purchased Witopia. It's not rated all that high.

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        Liczba krajów z serwerami 45
        Liczba serwerów 74
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        Liczba urządzeń na licencję 2
        Cena 4.1 / 5.0
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        $3.06 /miesiąc
        personalVPN Pro
        $4.44 /miesiąc
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        Plany VPN: www.witopia.net
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