VPN4All Recenzja i test 2020 – Pamiętaj o tym przed zakupem

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Dla tej usługi VPN recenzja nie jest jeszcze dostępna. Jeśli chcesz podzielić się własnymi doświadczeniami z tym dostawcą VPN, dodaj swoją opinię jako użytkownik. Wkrótce udostępnimy szczegółową recenzję eksperta, tak jak robimy to w przypadku najlepszych sieci VPN, takich jak ExpressVPN i NordVPN. Możesz również sprawdzić nasze najwyżej ocenione sieci VPN na 2020.

Funkcje Szczegóły
Liczba krajów z serwerami 50
Liczba serwerów 80
Liczba adresów IP 10000
Czy VPN zachowuje logi? Częściowo
Czy VPN zawiera wyłącznik awaryjny? Nie
Liczba urządzeń na licencję 1

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Liczba urządzeń na licencję : 1
Plany VPN: www.vpn4all.com

Opinie użytkowników VPN4All

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It's been acceptable until Feb 2020 - 6

I have been using VPN4ALL for 2-1/2 years. While this service is more costly than several others, my priority was privacy. There they appear top notch, and I have recommended them on that basis. Note they also support vpn for mobile devices. Today is March 19, 2020. As of late Feb 2020 I have not been able to access their service. Their webpage (vpn4all.com) gives a 404. Although their client page(s) at secure.apn4all.com do load, they have been unresponsive to emails and the ticket submitted over a week-and-a-half ago. They have not interacted on their Twitter or FB pages for a few years. Beyond the lack of service and support, I now seriously wonder if I will be able to be refunded for the time left on my 1-year subscription. They have some 'splainin to do.

Obsolete software with techs who close tickets without a resolution to the problem. - 2
Jack Malerba

Obsolete software which will lead to demise of the service -- most of the software is compromised -- when you go to OpenVPN forum VPN4All is 2 or 3 versions behind -- I have one tech tell me to download OpenVPN community software and download just the TAP to correct a connection error -- I thought why am I doing this -- should the service provided update the software -- I change to ExpressVPN -- no issues same speed -- periodically updates to keep the software secure.

Stay Away from VPN4All - 2

The Positives first: - Fast first response from Support. That's about all. The Negatives: - Their help turned out to be useless and no, I am not letting a stranger access my computer via TeamViewer. After that, no more help from Support, just silence. That makes tolerating the rest even less of an option: - Extremely ugly interface - Lack of server options (default is Russia, of all places) - No KillSwitch (at $84/yr you should expect that) - Slow, building the connection takes forever - No attention to detail (go to their Feedback page: the latest Windows version there is Windows 7) - The 'KnowledgeBase' is a joke: mainly one-liners that sound like ad copy (predictably, users are not impressed, just click 'vote' at the bottom and see how many users found any of the offered answers helpful) - Overpriced In short: there are much better VPNs out there. I use the market leader on the other PC and it works like a charm.

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