Anon VPN Recenzje i opinie 2021- Czemu ocena w postaci 8?

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Dla tej usługi VPN recenzja nie jest jeszcze dostępna. Jeśli chcesz podzielić się własnymi doświadczeniami z tym dostawcą VPN, dodaj swoją opinię jako użytkownik. Wkrótce udostępnimy szczegółową recenzję eksperta, tak jak robimy to w przypadku najlepszych sieci VPN, takich jak ExpressVPN i NordVPN. Możesz również sprawdzić nasze najwyżej ocenione sieci VPN na 2021.

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Liczba krajów z serwerami 9
Czy VPN zachowuje logi? Nie
Czy VPN zawiera wyłącznik awaryjny? Nie
Liczba urządzeń na licencję 1
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Ocena: 9.9 / 10

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Opinie użytkowników Anon VPN

W oparciu o 10 recenzji w 3 językach
Mixed Bag - Cheap - Still Around - 6

When I came to this webpage I was greeted with the popup, quote: "Unfortunately, this VPN is no longer active. Their review, however, will stay up on our site as an archive for the benefit of online communities who would like to learn more about them." I am not sure why this happened. website is still there, appears to still allow placing orders, and I have had their service for over 2 years and (just checked) it is still working today. For the very low price I paid, it was a great value for P2P, but I have noticed a few issues. 1) Slow speed. I can sometimes get up to 70% of my full ISP speed but it is low to begin with, I suspect it would bottleneck more. I can get about 40Mb u/d. 2) Very, VERY limit number of servers to choose. They are color coded for (speed or load?) as green, yellow, and red. I always choose green and always connect but occasionally, usually after a day or two, get disconnected and have to reconnect. It does have a kill switch. 3) When I first joined their app was version 1.0.3. Every time it launches it checks for a new version, so I went to This was fine, but the next time I upgraded it to, the connection became very slow. I thought it was temporary but no, I can switch back and forth between and and the latter is slower. I don't know why and it seems shady but I now ignore the popup for a newer version. Normally I would not put up with these issues but I received it very inexpensively through a rare promo deal and for the cost, it can't be beat. I am not stalking people or making bombs, etc (not worried about government inquiries to them) so I am not too concerned about whether it is the most secure but the leak tests I did, showed no leaks.

Awful Service - 4

I would have been fine if I didn't pay for this. Support is none existent and the page seems outdated. The iPhone instructions are old. It doesn't connect outside of my home and you get kicked off. I have contacted them several times with no response. When you do get a response it just says they received your request.

Not worth it, even if it's cheap - 2

- No support - Lousy website - Can't connect to servers I sent a support ticket and followup, got zero response. The minimal instructions on their website don't work to get a connection setup. Don't waste your time.

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